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I had used the same room for my office and sewing room for over 20 years and the accumulation of stuff and disorganization had become too much for me to tackle by myself. Calling Cindy at Organize to Simplify was the best decision I could have made. From our first consultation, I knew the task was finally going to be accomplished and the room would be organized the way I had always dreamed it should be. I am content to focus on any task and feel excitement that I know where everything in the room is located (and nicely boxed and labeled). I enter the room and it feels wonderful. Thank you Cindy!.

- Ann S.

About Me

My passion is helping people bring more clarity to their everyday lives. Through organizing and coaching partnerships, I help people simplify their lives and function at a higher level. Together we create the life they value.

I've spent most of my life organizing people, places and things. It brings me pleasure to see transformation for a client, whether it's a physical space or clarity of purpose. It is who I am, it is what I do.

When I started in business, my focus was simply on organizing people's physical spaces, from basic clean-ups to major overhauls. But I began to realize that sometimes - not always, but sometimes - our physical spaces reflect our state of mind. Physical discomfort in our personal spaces, whether home or business, can be telling us about internal discomforts as well.

I developed a strong need to understand what leads people to that uncomfortable space and how our mental and emotional processes affect how we manage our physical surroundings. From there, it was a logical step to the training to become not just an Organizer, but an Organizer Coach.

Through Coaching, I help my clients become more aware not just of their physical space, but of their needs and values, and how to integrate those needs and values into their everyday lives. Through coaching collaboration, my clients learn to define goals, recognize opportunities, find and rely on their strengths, and use their own skills to ensure their desired outcome becomes a reality.

My clients are as varied as their goals, and I am constantly educating myself on how to better serve them.  It brings me pleasure to see transformation for a client, whether it's a physical space or clarity of purpose

Through an accredited coaching program, I've learned the skills necessary to help clients define goals and then organize themselves to act on their intentions and attain those goals. By focusing on goals and structuring follow-through, my clients organize their lives to achieve the success they're are looking for. And, with every bit of success, they increase their motivation to move forward and achieve the desired outcome over and over again.

With well over 60 course hours, I hold six certificates of education from ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization). These certifications include specialties in ADD/ADHD, chronic disorganization, mental health, hoarding, time management, and administering to the special needs and conditions of chronically disorganized clients.

All of the learning I've gained from these significant course hours is manifested in more efficient and productive work with my clients.

I’m a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), so you can rest assured that our work together will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality.

Please give me a call or drop me an e-mail and let’s schedule a free on-site consultation and see what we can do together.  I invite you to simply create the life you value: Organize to Simplify your Work, Home, and Life.

Serving Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, the Greater Puget Sound Area, and Kittitas County
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Phone: 206-707-3458 or 509-674-6643
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 President, NAPO Seattle Area Chapter (NAPO)

Certified Subscriber, Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)

I knew Cindy was a pro at organizing home offices, kitchens, closets, etc.  However, I had no idea what she could do for my business.  In less than 8 hours, Cindy was able to completely streamline my dealership office.  She was able to quickly and accurately assess my organizational needs.  From purging and shredding obsolete items, creating long-term filing systems, to ensuring proper document storage – Cindy did it all.  She gave thoughtful attention to my specific needs and organized
everything in a way that I could maintain in the future.  I’ve benefited greatly from her work and I would highly recommend her for any business project.  Her previous business experience along with her acute organizing skills, make her the perfect person to create efficiencies in your work and/or home life.  THANK YOU, Cindy, for working your magic in my office – I’m more productive in my business because of you!

-- Kerry Sawyer, President, Toyota of Puyallup

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