Are you having trouble moving ahead toward a goal in life you know you have?

Or feeling the lack of a goal at all?

Do you want a better balance between work and personal life?

Are you not sure your work reflects your inner values, because you’re not sure you really know what your inner values are?

I’m an ICF-certified coach, and my passion is helping people bring more clarity to their everyday lives. Through thoughtful partnerships with my clients, I help them consider their needs, wants, values, desires, goals, and aspirations.

What can coaching do for you? Through Coaching, you develop a greater awareness of your needs and values, and discover how to integrate those needs and values into your everyday life. With the help of coaching collaboration, you learn to define your real goals, recognize areas of opportunity, call on your strengths, and utilize your own skills to ensure your desired outcome becomes a reality.

My Coaching clients are each struggling with different needs, but each opportunity starts with a series of powerful questions unique to that client.

  • The 30-something gentleman who is ready to make a career change:  How do I find something I'm passionate about?  What steps do I need to make within my current company?  How do I decide if I want to pursue employment in a foreign country?  I struggle with ADHD, what support structures do I need?

  • The 40-something professional who is struggling with employee issues: How did the relationship get to the place it is today? What is the employee's level of contribution to the issue? What is yours? If you could redesign the relationship, what would it look like? Is there a timeline for resolution (performance review, etc.)? What’s going to happen if the relationship doesn't change? How is this impacting you personally? Professionally?

Because my clients are as varied as their goals, I must be flexible to meet each in her or his own space.

As an ICF-certified coach l have the skills to help my clients recognize their real goals, turn their intentions into actions, and organize themselves to attain their goals. Using powerful questions, active listening and client engagement, we become equal partners in their success. Through focusing on goals and structuring follow-through for success, my clients are set up to achieve the success they're are looking for. And, with every bit of success they achieve, they become more motivated to get the desired outcome over and over again.

Effective coaching partnerships can be the key to success for your personal and professional development.

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For years I have been stating "If I could just have someone knowledgeable and skilled around ADD/organization, and most importantly, that I could completely trust, come into my life and watch how I actually function and operate with ADD, then, provide non-judgmental insight, caring support, and more effective processes for how I live, I know I could improve my quality of life."  Cindy has done just that!  She has given me hope that I can live more efficiently, learn new ways to optimize the challenges that come with being ADD, and create more time for the things that really matter in life such as family, friends, and creating more peace!  She's absolutely amazing, and I am so incredibly grateful for her steadfast support and the positive impact she has had on me and my family.

- L.L.

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Contact me today!

Send me an email or call me at 206-707-3458 or 509-674-6643 to schedule a FREE consultation.

Our goal was to “do a better job with our finances.”  Cindy helped us clearly define our goal, focus on our current level of preparedness, and determine a realistic and attainable process to reach our goal. She helped us maintain our focus and motivation to create something lasting. The work we did with Cindy as our Coach was invaluable in helping us attain our goal.