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Sometimes the coach needs a coach! I work as a career and life coach and was struggling with issues related to time management and my relationship to time as I build my new business.  Cindy's systematic approach and thoughtful guidance got me through some chaotic thinking and helped me assess my priorities and how I respond to demands on my time.  It was just what I needed. 
-- Maria M, small business owner and coach

Cindy helped me process a difficult business direction issue I needed to address. I had been working with an advisor who had strong opinions about how I should direct my company but I was not confident that his advice was right for the business. Cindy helped me process all aspects of the issue. At the end of the process, I had the data I needed to make the right decision. Cindy also helped with strategies for communicating my decision to the advisor, which was helpful.

I communicated to the advisor that we were pivoting and going in a different direction. While the advisor was not happy about this decision, it was the right thing to do and has allowed me to focus on growing the business.

I recommend her coaching services highly.
-- Fred D.

Cindy helped me process and let go of a connection to my former company and the work relationships that were detrimental to my health and well-being. The work she did with me allowed me to get unstuck and move forward. In addition, I had some delegation roadblocks with my new current team that once resolved has helped me connect more closely to my team and develop them as future leaders. Cindy has a knack for putting me at ease and asking great reflective questions that help direct my thinking in ways that created long-lasting change.  

-- A. Wood

I struggled with my presence in the classroom.  Cindy helped me understand why I was hesitant to be firm with my students and worked with me to become a more confident, effective teacher.

-- Jeff D.

Our goal was to “do a better job with our finances.”  Cindy helped us clearly define our goal, focus on our current level of preparedness, and determine a realistic and attainable process to reach our goal. She helped us maintain our focus and motivation to create something lasting. The work we did with Cindy as our Coach was invaluable in helping us attain our goal.  
-- A.V.

For years I have been stating "If I could just have someone knowledgeable and skilled around ADD/organization, and most importantly, that I could completely trust, come into my life and watch how I actually function and operate with ADD, and then provide non-judgmental insight, caring support, and more effective processes for how I live, I know I could improve my quality of life."  Cindy has done just that!  She has given me hope that I can live more efficiently, learn new ways to optimize the challenges that come with being ADD, and create more time for the things that really matter in life such as family, friends, and creating more peace!  She's absolutely amazing, and I am so incredibly grateful for her steadfast support and the positive impact she has had on me and my family.
-- L.L.

Cindy's work to ensure we were compliant with Labor and Industries requirements was important to keep my business going and growing.

-- Jennifer Hyatt, Cle Elum, WA

Cindy Jobs took control of our five storage units and helped us organize, cull, and dispose of unneeded items.  What an organizer!  We would highly recommend Cindy and she is an incredibly hard worker.  Well worth every cent!

-- Andrew and Esther Schorr, Mercer Island, WA

The best support I could offer my parents being 3,000 miles away was to hire a Professional Organizer to work with my mother to help her organize her office.  After meeting with Cindy Jobs and my parents last summer, I purchased a 10-hour package for her to work one-on-one with my mother.  After several months of decision-making on my mom's part, she finally called Cindy to schedule her organizing sessions.  The process is familiar to me, as I am a Professional Organizer in the state of Maryland and I know the benefits of organizing.  Cindy Jobs is a compassionate, intuitive professional who made the process of de-cluttering and organizing less stressful for my mother.  Thanks very much!  I highly recommend her.

-- Anonymous to protect parent's privacy

I knew Cindy was a pro at organizing home offices, kitchens, closets, etc.  However, I had no idea what she could do for my business.  In less than 8 hours, Cindy was able to completely streamline my dealership office.  She was able to quickly and accurately assess my organizational needs.  From purging and shredding obsolete items, creating long-term filing systems, to ensuring proper document storage – Cindy did it all.  She gave thoughtful attention to my specific needs and organized
everything in a way that I could maintain in the future.  I’ve benefited greatly from her work and I would highly recommend her for any business project.  Her previous business experience along with her acute organizing skills, make her the perfect person to create efficiencies in your work and/or home life.  THANK YOU, Cindy, for working your magic in my office – I’m more productive in my business because of you!
-- Kerry Sawyer, President, Toyota of Puyallup

 It's no exaggeration to say that Cindy's work put my mind at ease. When I accepted the Office Manager position at my new company, I had no idea there was 7+ years of backlog filing and organizing that hadn't been done. There is no way I could have managed the day to day work , let alone any research on prior months without Cindy's organizing. I was in a desperate situation and needed help quickly. Cindy came in and in a very short period of time took what amounted to 16 lateral file drawers of paper and organized them into a cohesive , manageable set of usable files. Her services helped me concentrate on the things I need to get done without swimming upstream against a current of procrastination. I don't know what I would have done without her.

-- Debbie L., Bellingham, WA

Business was starting to take off and we felt like we weren't prepared to handle the increased pressures on our office.  We needed some help.  Cindy came in and did a quick review of our current processes and systems.  She determined we needed to get our filing system under control; implement some new processes to help us manage the increased workload; purchase and install software to support our estimating, invoicing, and receivables processes; and implement some workflow changes to better serve our customers.  It was all done quickly and efficiently and has made a huge difference in a very short period of time, resulting in shorter office processing times and increased cash flow.

-- Pat McNutt, Ellensburg, WA

I had used the same room for my office and sewing room for over 20 years and the accumulation of stuff and disorganization had become too much for me to tackle by myself. Calling Cindy at Organize to Simplify was the best decision I could have made. From our first consultation, I knew the task was finally going to be accomplished and the room would be organized the way I had always dreamed it should be. I am content to focus on any task and feel excitement that I know where everything in the room is located (and nicely boxed and labeled). I enter the room and it feels wonderful. Thank you Cindy!
-- Ann S.

Ordering dinner out got to be easier than cooking in my heavily cluttered kitchen.  I hadn’t seen the counter top for years.  Organizing to Simplify swept through, logically repositioning the kitchen items for better flow of use.  Sure, some things had to go, but they were masters at getting through that process.  The counter tops reappeared and so has fun in the kitchen.
-- Kathy Vernon

I have always considered myself a very organized person, but not too long after getting a new, more demanding job, I realized my new work life was getting in the way of keeping myself in order.  More shoes, more clothes, less time, equaled chaos.  Every day I fought with my beautiful walk-in closet.  Space wasn't the issue, how I utilized it was.  I admitted I needed help and asked Organize to Simplify for a consultation.  Cindy had more ideas and suggestions that I had ever imagined.  She worked her magic and with some great projects and sorting, she made short work of my mess.  The next morning instead of cringing when I went into my closet, I actually smiled.  Next up, that pesky pantry!
-- Lisa McCauley

I was in desperate need of an office overhaul.  Organize to Simplify came in and reorganized my office space and went through all my files with me, purging what we could and reorganizing what needed to stay.  I can finally breathe in my office again.  I have Organizing to Simplify come a couple times a year to work with me on other areas around the house.
-- Barbara Geile

I moved  into a new condo and needed to downsize and organize my kitchen. Organize to Simplify helped me prioritize and streamline my new work space.  The simple and inexpensive suggestions make the space much more functional.  My husband was so impressed he called them the next morning just to say "thank you."
-- MK

An active, five-person household creates a ton of laundry!  Organize to Simplify came in with a few suggestions on storage, organization, and workflow. . . not to mention a few plastic totes and a label maker.  The space is now much more functional.  I will have Organizing to Simplify come back and help with other problem areas.
-- MB

Cindy transformed my entire kitchen in just one afternoon!  She took me through the process of organizing to simplify -- the end result was fantastic!  I was able to donate several boxes of unused items to a local non-profit.  The remaining items were left perfectly organized and functional for our families daily use.  Now I look forward to cooking and entertaining in my newly reorganized kitchen.
-- Kerry Sawyer

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