Organizing Services

Are you feeling frustrated every time you even think about organizing your kitchen?
Do you search frantically around your office for that lost document?
Have you tried and tried to straighten up your home and it just never seems to work?

Do you want to simplify your space and simplify your time, bringing more purpose, clarity, and calm to your
everyday life?

Sometimes organizing is just that . . . organizing.  It’s a normal reaction to an event like getting ready for company, having guests coming to your home, or figuring out what to do with a family member’s possessions now that they’ve downsized.

From one-time organizing projects like cleaning out the guest room before company comes to regular systems reviews, Organize to Simplify has you covered. Whether it’s a kitchen, closet, office, or storage area, through thoughtful organizing tools and practices, we will, together, create a space you love to be in.

Our Organization and Storage Services Include:

  • Reclaiming underutilized spaces
  • Maximizing efficiency of rooms
  • Hands-on organization
  • Designing/implementing custom filing solutions
  • Creating processes to maintain order and reduce clutter

Sometimes clients want a little more help than just organizing. That's why I'm also a Certified Organizer Coach. Why hire a Certified Organizer Coach instead of just an organizer? An organizer can get that office under control, but I will work with you as we organize it, and with support afterwards if you wish, to help you understand how it became non-functional, how it is serving you, and how you can transform your time management and systems so you don’t just end up right back where you started.

As a Certified Organizer Coach, I can help you through thoughtful consideration of your needs, wants, values, desires, and goals. Sometimes it is as simple as rearranging some space, other times it's rearranging how you spend your time. But most commonly, it involves rearranging your thoughts and bringing those thoughts into alignment with your goals and aspirations.

I understand that each individual has different needs and different reasons for the disorder in his or her life. This is exactly why I work with my clients case-by-case. While some people physically and mentally cannot stay organized, others are simply too busy to make sense out of everything they own. I assess your situation and learn about who you are, and then I formulate a plan to help you have an easier life.

My Organizing clients span all spectrums of life:

  • The 30-something working mother of three with not a moment to spare, whose main goal is to provide a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment in which her children can thrive.

  • The 40-something business owner who has identified that spending her time focusing on the big picture of managing her business is more important than the details of office decluttering and file management.

  • The 50-something contract engineer who is tired of continually moving boxes and boxes of unused household and office items from one job to another.

  • The 80-something grandmother desiring the simplicity of an uncluttered space and knowledge that she's not leaving chaos for her children.

Although a few of my clients want to "just get it done," the majority yearn for the skills necessary keep things in balance. Teaching those skills is part of my job. Each client absorbs information differently and has a different way of putting it into practice. Observing how you learn and educating you in a way that resonates with you is part of my job, too.

Through these organizing and coaching partnerships, I help people simplify their lives and function at a higher level. When you simplify your space and simplify your time, you simplify your life.

Don’t procrastinate until it gets worse, contact me today! I’ll help you organize rooms and offices in your home or business in Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood, the Greater Puget Sound area, or Kittitas County.

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I have always considered myself a very organized person, but not too long after getting a new, more demanding job, I realized my new work life was getting in the way of keeping myself in order.  More shoes, more clothes, less time, equaled chaos.  Every day I fought with my beautiful walk-in closet.  Space wasn't the issue, how I utilized it was.  I admitted I needed help and asked Organize to Simplify for a consultation. Cindy had more ideas and suggestions that I had ever imagined.  She worked her magic and with some great projects and sorting, she made short work of my mess.  The next morning instead of cringing when I went into my closet, I actually smiled.  Next up, that pesky pantry!

- Lisa M

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Ordering dinner out got to be easier than cooking in my heavily cluttered kitchen. I hadn't seen the counter top for years. Organize to Simplify swept through, logically repositioning the kitchen items for better flow of use. Sure, some things had to go, but Cindy was a master at getting through that process. The counter tops reappeared and so has fun in the kitchen. 

-Kathy V..

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Tips and hints to help you organize and simplify your life:

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