After some coaching and organizing work, this client determined her need for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional office would help her visualize herself as the professional she wanted to be.

This client loved to spend time doing crafts - but her disorganized space blocked her every time. She made fabrics (that's a loom in the bottom photos) and sewed, but when inspiration hit - she would walk in and immediately walk out. The cluttered, claustrophobic room sapped all her creative energy.

We reorganized her space and her inspiration is flowing free.

Meal preparation was nearly impossible in this kitchen because the cluttered countertops left no space available. My client was doing all her work on a cutting board before we went to work. Mealtimes are a pleasure now!

Meet the dysfunctional laundry room. Laundry and mending projects piled up undone for months until we reorganized the space to function for this client.

Before...                                                and After

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